Lukas Helmbrecht

Lukas Helmbrecht, M. Sc.

I am always curious for the new stuff.

Luckily there is always something new to discover, for example food. Whenever I get a chance, I like to go to far out places and discover the infinite varieties of preparing food that this planet has to offer.

Eating and sleeping for sure are unavoidable and one should make sure to enjoy both. But also the brain needs to be fed. Personally I like to feed it with problems, usually it digests them and returns a solution. I guess that’s why I became an engineer. Food and science are enjoyed the most intense when paired with meeting old friends and making new ones around the world.

This journey already started when I was a NanoEngineering student in Duisburg. It involved semiconductor lasers at CNU in South Korea, laser printed polymers in Princeton and silica nanoparticles that assemble into optical fibers at the Univeristy of Sydney. For my PhD I explore self-assembled microstructures at AMOLF with Wim Noorduin.

Looking at these microstructures with a scanning electron microscope opens up a truly fascinating world. Also beyond those structures the aesthetics of this electron based pictures intrigued me. Together with together with Cornelius Koch I explored how this hidden world can be transformed into a piece of audio-visual art. The result is called “Nanotropics”.

Before science became a full time job, Hendrik and Christian Denkhaus and my bother Kilian had transformed my room into a film studio to create stop motion animations. The challenge is to be good enough to be screened at a film and seeing what other filmmakers create is the reward. In 2014 we decided to explore the other side and organized the 10th edition of the Brickfilm festival “Steinerei” in Dortmund.

In the time that I was still a student I would study with friends for the exams like everybody else did. This worked especially well if there was one student in the group that was good at explaining a certain topic. Caner Yaldiz was also one of them. We felt that it would only be fair if everybody could have that one student that can explain a topic in a day. That’s why we founded Kaiserberg Seminare to offer crash courses for engineering topics.

You might have guessed it by now. I’m never bored.


Self assembled microstructure

This structure is only about 50 micro meter wide. It consists of strotium carbonate nanocrystals in a silica matrix.
It is part of my PhD research at AMOLF

Film for Science

Arbeitsgruppe Metaphonetik - NanoTropics (2015)

NanoTropics is the first musicvideo ever that was created using a scaning electron microscope (SEM). In the last four years researchers in Professor Winterer's Nanoparticle Processtechnology labs at the University of Duisburg-Essen created 17000 images with the SEM. In the next four minutes they will explode as synesthetic fireworks in your head.
Music: Arbeitsgruppe Metaphonetik
Video: Cornelius Koch and me
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The Beauty of IBM Flash (2013)

This 3-minute clip on the benefits of IBM Flash was created in 2013 together with Detlef Helmbrecht (IBM, European Storage Competence Center, Mainz, Germany)
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Nanobananensynthese (2014)

TR4 is a threat for the global banana production. Watch Samer Suleiman as Doktor Ape in "Nanobananensynthese".
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What is nano? (2012)

Created specially for the "Nanodialog" in 2012 to explain Nano to the public. Team: Christian Denkhaus, Hendrik Denkhaus, Katharina Leser, Kilian Helmbrecht, Lukas Helmbrecht
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Stopmotion Film

A selection of stop motion videos I made with nichtgedreht

Alles ist die Noppe

Alles ist die Noppe (2009)

The Lego system is inhumane. Wedged into strict norms, always following the same lines, with a forced smile on his face: This is the daily routine dictated by the stud. With hundreds of doppelgangers in cadence, it is hard not to lose hope for a better life without the permanent stud compulsion, especially when you are the only one whose permanent smile is not yet frozen. But how to escape, when the stud is omnipresent?
Film: Christian Denkhaus, Hendrik Denkhaus, Kilian Helmbrecht, Lukas Helmbrecht, Sounds: Joscha Denzel, Musik: Kilian Helmbrecht
Preis der Brickfilmer Steinerei 2009
1st place in the age category 16-21 Deutscher Multimediapreis mb21
Best teamwork Filmfestival im Stadthafen (Rostock)
Animation Award Deutscher Jugendvideopreis
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FÄT (2016)

Two minutes of animated creepiness
Film: Cornelius Koch, Christian Denkhaus, Hendrik Denkhaus, Kilian Helmbrecht, Lukas Helmbrecht
Bronzemedaille FiSH 2017
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Steinerei Trailer (2014)

Trailer for the 10th aniversary of the German Brickfilmfestival Steinerei 2014
Film: Christian Denkhaus, Hendrik Denkhaus, Kilian Helmbrecht, Lukas Helmbrecht, Sounds: Joscha Denzel
Musik: Christian Pössnicker
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Day of the Sun

Day of the Sun (2013)

Kim Jong-un and his Bomb.
Film: Christian Denkhaus, Hendrik Denkhaus, Kilian Helmbrecht, Lukas Helmbrecht, Sounds: Joscha Denzel, Voice: Shin-uk Shin
Jury Award Steinerei 2013
Goldener Clip REC Filmfestival
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What is nano?

Weltraffer 2008 (2012)

The last 5 million years of mankind history compressed into 5 minutes and 625 square centimeters.
Film: Christian Denkhaus, Hendrik Denkhaus, Kilian Helmbrecht, Lukas Helmbrecht, Musik: Kilian Helmbrecht

Bronze Medaille Fish Rostpck Filmfestival im Stadthafen (Rostock)
Part of the Catalogue with the 100 best shortfilms of 2009 published by the German Shortfilm AssociationDeutscher Kurzfilmkatalog der AG Kurzfilm 2009
Best teamwork Filmfestival im Stadthafen (Rostock)
Suggested for the "Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis" Deutscher Jugendvideopreis
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